Chinese Dwarf Hamsters

A very rare breed of hamster are Chinese dwarf hamsters, primarily due to the fact that they have ownership restrictions in some states throughout America and they are notoriously hard to breed in captivity. Chinese dwarf hamsters originate from deserts in Mongolia and Northern China and these furry little creatures tend to have more mice like features compared to their counterparts.

Chinese Dwarf Hamster

Small in size though they are, they are not actually a dwarf hamster, but because of their small size they are often categorized as such. Generally they tend to be about 10 to 12 centimeters in length and whilst this is still very small, when you compare to a Russian dwarf hamster they are nearly double the size. Their body and their tails are longer than their relatives, which is why these look distinctly different. The coloring of the hamster is normally grey or brown in color with a distinct black stripe down the back of its body and a white underbelly. Although being kept in captivity has allowed other colors to be bred into them.

Generally dwarf hamsters can be found and kept in pairs, however for the Chinese dwarf hamster this is not necessarily the case. However if you were to have two baby females from a very early age this might work. Females being the more dominate will often cause friction when placed with a male and it has been known that males can become seriously injured when placed with a female. This could be the reason why they are difficult to breed in captivity. The female can become aggressive.

If you were to have two hamsters housed together, bear in mind that they will require twice as much room and therefore some cages are not suitable. Ideally the Chinese dwarf hamster will need two levels and plenty of places for which they can hide. Especially when they are in pairs as the less dominate of the two will need somewhere they can hide. Due to their size the ideal home for them is a plastic aquarium, which will prevent them squeezing through the bars of cages which is not unheard of. Also this will prevent them becoming injured when trying to escape.

Hamster food for the Chinese dwarf hamster is generally the same as any other hamster. They will thrive with a diet of seeds and pellets and also the occasional raw fruit or vegetable. Some owners will offer cheerios or a small bite sized amount of wheat bread to their hamster as a special treat. But be cautious as remember, in the wild cheerios are not found in the deserts of china and their stomachs are very fragile. You could give them meal worms or crickets, if you have them available but this species of dwarf hamster will not require them. You will also need to ensure that fresh water is plentiful, due to their very dry diet, they can often consume large amounts of water and the best method is to use water bottles as opposed to water bowls, which can become littered with bedding and food.

If the dwarf hamster care is maintained properly you will find that your pet hamster will live for up three years. However you will need to be aware that the Chinese dwarf hamster is not very easy to tame. They can be aggressive and are known for their skittish and sometimes unpredictable behavior. Therefore they may not be a suitable option for a young child who likes to handle their pet. A Russian dwarf hamster may be more suitable for a young child as they are generally a lot friendlier and more accustomed to being handled by humans. Chinese dwarf hamsters although very cute, will not necessarily make the ideal pet.

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