Robo (Roborovski) Dwarf Hamsters

Robo Dwarf HamsterWhilst they are small in size, they are not small in character and their energetic and playful nature can make it difficult for them to be tamed. However they are social creatures and the Roborovski dwarf hamster is fond of company and therefore it is recommended that they be purchased in pairs. Many worry that they may fight and injure themselves, but this is not always the case as normally injuries or fighting only occur when they are placed with groups. They will actually eat, play and sleep together and they look extremely cute when they cuddle up to each other. Obviously if you were to buy a pair, then you would need to ensure you buy a pair of the same sex other wise it will be highly likely you will have many dwarf hamsters running around as they can breed very quickly.

They are small in stature and are generally between about 4 and 5 centimeter long and weight about 25 grams which makes them a very delicate pet. They will live for between 2 and 3 years as long as they are nurtured and kept healthy.

The natural coloring of the Robo dwarf hamster is typically described as sandy with a darker undercoat, although their underbelly is all white. Captive breeding has changed some of the colors available and it is not unusual to find the Roborovski hamster with mottles or spots on their body.

Due to their size and their fast and energetic nature, they are not particularly suited for younger children as they are extremely delicate and children, although not intentionally can be a bit clumsy and rough. Therefore it would be recommended to purchase these for children over the age of 10. You still might want to supervise your child when they are being handled.

If you go to a pet shop to purchase one or two if you can then make sure they are alert and ask yourself. Do they look healthy and full of life? Because these animals are generally nocturnal they can often be sleeping when you visit the store, so try to go later in the evening if possible and ask the store owner to check the sex. Generally the Robo dwarf hamster loves a mate and two females are generally better than two males. Ask their age and if possible ask if you can take some of their existing bedding for them to travel home with. This will smell familiar to them and make their journey a lot let stressful.

Once you have them home, take them to their new cage immediately and allow them time to get used to their new surroundings before being handled. If they have fresh food and water and lots of bedding they should be more than happy with their new home. The Roborovski dwarf hamster can and does make a wonderful pet to own for you and your family.

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