Dwarf Hamster FAQ - Common Questions

Dwarf Hamster FAQOur site covers a lot of information on dwarf hamsters and you can obtain information from reading the articles, however we have included some of the most common asked questions here.

Can I have more than one?
Yes you can, and we would actually recommend it especially if you are buying Robo dwarf hamsters as these is very sociable creatures. However it would not be recommended to have more than two as this can lead to fighting. One hamster is still perfectly acceptable as long as you can provide adequate stimulation in the form of toys and exercise.

How long will my hamster live?
Generally dwarf hamsters will live from anywhere between 2 to 3 years; however it is not unheard of for a dwarf hamster to live for 4. They typically have a longer life span than their cousins the Syrian hamsters.

How can I tell what sex my hamster is?
The hamsters have two openings on their underside and the female’s openings will be close together and the males will be further apart. The best way is to look and see if you can clearly see two openings; if you can then you have a male. If it is more difficult to decipher then you have a female. Sometimes they are so close together it actually looks as though they only have one.

Are they easy to tame?
Yes and no is the answer to that. They are not difficult in terms of how you tame them, however it does require patience. If you have your dwarf hamster from an earlier age then you are more likely to be successful as they have not got into the habit of being scared of humans.

Can I place my dwarf hamster with my other hamsters?
No most definitely not, they are not to be mixed at all as the larger varieties of hamster bully and most likely kill your hamster, they are not to be placed together and should be kept separate at all times.

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